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After watching the 2017/18 New Year's Eve firework display in London I was challenged by a friend to make a firework display in PowerPoint. [...]


Jayar’s Cubes

Revolve the cube structure by simply moving your cursor over the squares. This game uses mouseover animation and the new 'morph' transition [...]



The traditional game with 10 words to identify. Almost identical to the pen & paper game, but with a few more opportunities to continue [...]


Escape From Horyd House

As the title page of this game says ‘You can enter any time you like but it’s very hard to leave’. With some startling graphics and animati [...]


Beat the Machine

Once you have started to move along the black areas and cream coloured blocks, you must avoid touching any metal / grey parts of the machin [...]


Dodgem Hop

This is a maze game where you need to avoid touching the floor. From your starting position, jump on to each passing dodgem car to work you [...]


Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Someone has let the dogs out and they’re chasing you. In this moving maze game you’ll need to get through two woodland areas and cross an o [...]


Stars in the Dark

In this maze game, the aim is to collect the six stars dotted around the screen. Trouble is, you can’t see any path or walls until you hit [...]


Save Tiddles

Poor little Tiddles is all alone and lost in the desert with a 10 ton weight about to drop on her (for some unknown reason). You have just [...]


Criss Cross

This is a wide-screen moving ‘dodge’ game. From your starting position, you need to make your way to a circle that will appear on the yello [...]



DANGER - Minefield! Cross this minefield one square at a time and remember where the explosions come from. There are only two routes to get [...]


Zombie Graveyard

This is a Zombie Shoot-’em-up game. You’ve got to take out all of the zombies, and the Zombie King’s head in order to win - otherwise, it’s [...]


The Deathship Defender

This is an alien invasion shoot ’em up game which, in some ways you can win - but you also lose. It started off as a game of shooting the r [...]


Tank Attack

A reasonably realistic looking game. Your tank formation is under attack from enemy missiles so try to shoot them down before they strike. [...]


Blowing Bouncing Beach Balls

Another beach game where you need to catch some beach balls blowing away in the wind before they get lost in the sea. Looks quite easy, but [...]


Asteroid Attack

This is ‘Shoot the Spaceships’ on steroids: a-steroids! Your spaceship is in the asteroid belt and twenty asteroids are on a collision cour [...]


Drop Me a Line

This is a relatively simple game although the mechanics took a bit of working out. The game uses the new icons supplied with the newer vers [...]


Shoot the Spaceships

Three alien spaceships fly across the screen and all you have to do is click on them to blast them out of the sky. Your tally of hits shows [...]


Christmas Card / Game 1

There are two Chritmas card /games available. This one is essentially a shooting game, the second is a search game. I’ve found that people [...]


Bucket Drip 1

It’s raining, things are leaking, get the bucket out quick! See if you can get the bucket to the drips in time before they splash on the fl [...]


Bucket Drip 2

Someone’s let the bath overflow! There’s water coming through the ceiling! Get the bucket out! See if you can get the bucket to the drips i [...]


Bucket Drop

Just click on each ball to make it land inside the bucket. Easy! Except that it gets just a little bit harder as you climb the three levels [...]


Target Golf

This website started off in January 2017 with 20 of my games. This is game number 40 uploaded in September 2017. It’s is a game made in A4 [...]


Target Darts

A game for 1 -2 players. Step up to the oche and pick a dart to throw at the target board. You play five rounds of darts and you can employ [...]


Penalty Shoot Out

A game for 1 -2 players. In this game you’re the goal keeper. It’s all about how many penalties you can save. Click on the ball to take the [...]


Championship Putting

Yes, golf (or at least putting) on PowerPoint! A game from 1 to 6 players. Choose a ball to play, then click on the golfer’s head to take t [...]


Snowboard Slalom

A quick and simple game in a ‘portrait’ page format. All you have to do is click on the right red or blue button at the right time to get t [...]


Hill Climb

This wide-screen cycling game has a non-PowerPoint element of a stopwatch and countdown timer so you can try to set personal records for yo [...]


Red Dot Racer

This is one of the first games I ever made in PowerPoint. It’s simple, but quite good fun. In this game you are racing against the blue dot [...]


The Fishing Game

In this wide-screen fishing game, move your cursor around the lake until you see a screen-tip to try a particular spot. Click to cast to th [...]


Blackbeard’s Doubloons

This is a MACRO ENABLED game so you will need to enable the macro when prompted by PowerPoint. Blackbeard’s cask of 30 golden doubloons has [...]



This game is a bit weirder than the others! Jake has lost his sun cream. It’s buried in the sand somewhere. You have to dig up the beach to [...]


Christmas Card / Game 2

There are two Christmas card / games available. This one is a 'search' game. The other, with Santa's sleigh, is a kind of shooting game. I’ [...]



The classic two player game that requires players to be on different computers. It’s also the only game that has to operate in both PowerPo [...]



Most people will remember Tetris, one of the first smash-hit computer games. Well here’s a simplified and easy-to-play version of that game [...]



Another two-player game that needs no introduction. Click on the left hand side of a white circle for a yellow counter to drop into it, and [...]


Naughts & Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)

A big and bold traditional game for two players that needs no introduction whatsoever. Click on the left side of a box for a cross to appea [...]


Guess Who?

This is a game for two players on separate computers or devices. Click a button to see your person, and ask questions about your opponent’s [...]



This is an original two-player strategy game that you can play by sharing a mouse, or play remotely by using the ‘Battleships’ style grid r [...]


Sargent Pepper’s Heads

A fairly simple game where all you have to do is look at the name at the top of screen and click on that person. A tick (check mark) will t [...]



A game that started life as a board game, then evolved into an Android app, now incarnated again as a PowerPoint Game. Just click on a squa [...]


Emporium Jigsaw

For some strange reason I’ve always wanted to make a jigsaw puzzle game in PowerPoint. I could never work out a way to make the individual [...]


Famous Falling Faces

Click on the blocks as they fall until the are in the correct position to complete the full portraits of six famous people. The game is not [...]


First to Eight

A game for 1 -4 players. Randomly choose a colour to play, then click on each orange peg to remove a black dot and reveal a coloured dot be [...]


Mind Reader

In this mind-boggling wide-screen game you think of a two-digit number, do a quick calculation with it, then match the answer you get to a [...]

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